Thursday, September 16, 2010

Excavation tonight!

Hi Turtle enthusiasts!

Its all go at the goatshed today, we're repairing the roof on the gazebo, but although there's bamboo all around, we're still hanging around waiting to talk to you all about turtle things great and small.
Today we have an excavation, so if you pop down to the goatshed for 6pm, we'll walk you on down to the beach and dig up one of the last 5 nests on Alagadi! We don't have a release today unfortunately as we just don't have any hatchlings, however if there are enough hatchlings out of the excavation nest then we might be able to do one this evening after all. So if we get a few, ask us and we'll try to to fit you in!
Hope to see you soon,
Rach of the Turtle Project

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