Tuesday, September 7, 2010

***Excavation this evening***

Good morning trusty turtle followers,

I am glad to announce that we do indeed have an excavation on this evening, and that we still have many spaces left on our release this evening. The difference with the excavation this evening is that the excavation is on our second beach, so we ask those who are going to come down this evening to meet at the goatshed for the usual time of 6pm, where we will then be convoying it over to Iki at around ten past six.

The nest is a green nest, and we have had around 30 out of the nest already, but expect more to be making an appearance at the excavation this evening.

As I say we do have a release on this evening, and still have another 25 spaces or so left. So if you would like to experience releasing your own hatchling on its first leg to its start in life, then please call us or ask to be booked in at the excavation.

No flash photography can be used at either event, and donations are greatly appreciated due to our project being funded and kept open by all your generous donations, so let us continue and keep supporting us :D

Thank you and we hope to see many people as possible here for the excavation and release.

Collsy xxx

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