Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Excavation tonight!

Hi all you tremendous turkish turtle followers!

Today we excavate the second from last nest on Alagadi, and to mark the occasion, we would love you all to come along. Its a green nest and has had a few hatchlings emerging over the last couple of nights, so she's ready to see the world. you guys know the drill... pop down to the goatshed at Alagadi for 6pm and we'll walk you on down to bay 2 where you can watch our volenteers dig down and hopefully find lots of hatchlings!
Depending on how many we find, there might be a release, so just ask us if there's lots and you may find its a buy-one-get-one-free!

other news
We now only have 2 kittens up for grabs, but as the season is getting very near the end, these guys need a home very soon, so when you're down for the excavation ask to see the little guys!

hope to see you soon!
Rach x

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