Thursday, August 6, 2009

Excavation Tonight on Alagadi

Morning turtle followers,

Sorry I have not updated the blog earlier, we have had one of those mornings down the beach, where nests started hatching at 8:20am. Then we have to wait 30 min after the last hatching hatches before we can leave the nest..this morning the last one to hatch came up at 8:50 so busy busy morning.

So the news that you have been waiting for, we do have an excavation o this evening, and as this nest is a black nest, we will be releasing the babies found in the nest this evening, along with some of the greens that hatch on Alagadi this morning.

So all are welcome, just meet at the goat shed (base) at 6:30pm, where we will take you down to the nest. We do recommend that you bring some water down, as the nest can take up to an hour to excavate, and we don't want anyone becoming dehydrated!!!

Hope to see you all there

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