Thursday, August 20, 2009

Excavation tonight at Alagadi

Good morning turtle followers,

We do have a public excavation on this evening, so if you would like come a visit the poroject and watch the excavation, please meet at the Goat shed in Alagadi village and we will take you down to the nest.

Please may I remind you that we ask no flash photography as it can damage the hatchlings sight, as it is the first light they have seen

Thank you

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  1. Hello turtle friends,

    A few weeks ago we visited the Turtle Station near Kyrenia (Northern Cyprus). Thanks again for the hospitality. We wrote a short article (in Dutch, sorry...) about this visit which is published on the website of the Dutch/Belgium Turtle Organisation (Trionyx). You can find our article here:

    With kind regards,
    Peter Homan,
    Christine Waslander.