Saturday, August 15, 2009

Excavation for the Nation to Night!!!

Good morning turtle followers,
After a quick morning on the beach, I have managed to remember the blog, and have posted a nice early blog stating that yes we do have an excavation on this morning. The nest is on bay three, and is Loggerhead nest.

All those are welcome to come view the volunteers expert digging skills to hunt out the nest, and release any babies that are found that night.

We do ask though, no flash photography when the first hatchlings emerge, as the light is the first light the babies have seen, and it can damage their eyes. Sorry for the nag but it it is important. We will have volunteers walking around the nest with hatchlings for close up pictures.

We hope you can all make it, if not and you still wish to see an excavation, please call me on 05338678188 after 9:30, and i will be able to tell you whether there is going to be an excavation.

Hope to see you this evening

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  1. Hey im interested in coming down and wathing the turles, what time this evening is it all happening?? would be nice to know asap