Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EXCAVATION-Tonight at Alagadi

Good morning all,

A lack of power means a late blog entry, but I come online with good news, that there is going to be an excavation on this evening. The nest that we will be digging up , is a transplanted nest from the North coast, where if it was left, the eggs would have been washed over and the nest would most likely be destroyed. Therefore to increase the chance of the nest surviving, volunteers carefully dug up the nest, and relocated the eggs to a sit on Alagadi.

This nest has been hatching over the last couple of days, however, because this nest if from the north coast, we treat it within the same conditions; there are flat cages, and a dome cage over the nest for warning and to prevent predation, however unlike the nests on Alagadi, there is no ring cage to collect the hatchlings. This means that many have already made it to the sea, so any hatchlings found from this nest will be released straight away along with some babies that where excavated this morning.

Hope to see lot of you followers there
All the best

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