Friday, September 4, 2009

Loving Family Needed!

Slightly off topic blog message for today, mainly addressing those wonderful ex pats and the Cypriots that live out here in sunny, sunny Northern Cyprus. We have a member of our team who needs a new home by the beginning of October. He has been with us since around the end of June but needs a loving family when we all disappear off back to our hometowns. He is called Gunter and is the friendliest dog you will have ever met. He just decided to visit us down at the beach one night, frightening a couple of members to death at first, but they both quickly realised he just wanted a bit of company. Now he never leaves us, we are his surrogate family.

Ideally as I have said we would love someone to take him in as their own pet, as although a couple of members have looked at taking him back to England, it unfortunately costs far too much to keep him in quarantine for the needed length of time.

He enjoys complete free reign around the Goatshed and the surrounding area of Alagadi, so is very much his own man. However with little effort he has learned the commands sit and stay and also does not mind being on a lead, which we often have to do so he doesn’t come down to the beach at night.

If he is not adopted by someone by the end of the season (beginning of October) he will unfortunately have to be abandoned as there is no room for him at the dog sanctuary. Even if you cannot adopt him yourself please spread the word to everyone you know and hopefully we will be able to find him a warm and loving home.

To get in touch leave a message on the blog, or come down to our base, the ‘Goatshed’, in Alagadi Village.

Thank you,

Samuel and the rest of us at the Turtle Project.

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  1. Hi Guys .... respect.
    I would willingly adopt Gunter if I could find an economical, all year place to rent or buy in Alagadi. Please, please let me know if you hear of anything in the area at a good price .... I am currently based in the other side of Cyprus (in Larnaca) .... but I am English (and I speak Turkish) and I have no contact with folk in your area.