Saturday, September 5, 2009

Celebrate and lets excavate!

Hey guys and gals!

I am really excited to tell you we have another excavation today! Two in a row, you are a lucky bunch of people! So the order of proceedings are as any other night. Turn up at our base, the 'Goatshed' in Alagadi Village just before 6.30pm and we will walk down to the beach together at just after the half hour. The whole thing should not last much more than an hour to an hour 30mins, bring a bottle of water as it can still be quiet hot at this time.

As always feel free to ask any questions to any of the volunteers at the turtle project, and come visit our info room and small shop at our base to find out more infomation or just have a chat as to how we got involved!

The beach is open before hand (8am-8pm) if you should come early, and there is a lovely beach bar in the middle of Alagadi beach should you want a drink whilst you wait for 6.30pm to role on round.

Hopefully see you all later,

Samuel x

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  1. Hi Samuel, Visiting from Canada and coming to see you all at the goatshed today. Bringing 5 others to help. Hopefully we can see some turtles. Should be there around 5pm. tina sue