Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 season underway

Students have been at the Goat Shed in Alagadi since May 21st and so far the season has been very successful, with many green turtle nests on Alagadi and three satellite transmitters deployed so far (

The team are on the beach all night every night and we're now taking bookings for night watch.


  1. WOOHOOO!!!! Good luck this season! Looks like you are all off to a running start! :o)

  2. Hi am visiting the North from 24th July, do you know if it's possible for me and my children to come and see the turtles?

  3. Hi there,

    Yes it is possible for you to come down and join us on night work, not a problem.
    When you get into Cyprus and get settled in, either come down and visit us in Alagadi at the goatshed, or give us a call on the telephone number above and we will be able to book you in. Alternatively if you definitely know the date that you want to some down, I see no reason why we cannot book you in just this once now!

    Collsy xx

  4. thanks Collsy, look forward to meeting you - can you recommend a place to stay nearby for the night please?