Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Calm before the storm?

No activities on the North coast from Alagadi to Kaplica today. No big surprise as it is early days. So Ainslie and I took our time and returned via Kantara Castle which Ainslie found amazing as an avid historian and what a panoramic view on such a clear day the East coast, Karpas and the Kyrenia mountains, even the outline of the Turkish coast to the north. An impressive first day despite the disappointing lack of turtle activity. We returned to the goat shed for lunch and got cracking with some jobs. Ainsie is now covered in white paint but pleasingly so is the interior of the kitchen. I have been raking up all of the overgrown weeds from around the garden. Hot work now that the cool wind that we saw this morning has died off.

Tonight we will retrieve newbie Tom Haley from the airport and together with Dr Wayne Fuller who used to do my job, but is now settled on the island, the four of us hope to explore the west coast in search of nests. We will be taking red paint with us with which to touch up annual marker posts that we use to measure by triangulation the location of each turtle activity. Additionally this season all nests will be marked by GPS. So fingers crossed that we are busy.


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